About Us

Nirvu was founded on the belief and idea that we only have one place to live. Within ourselves. 

Health and wellbeing shouldn’t need to be sacrificed to achieve optimum success. In fact, we believe in the exact opposite. Health and wellbeing are the driving factors of success and can’t be ignored. 

Our founder, Jem Scragg has spent the past 2 decades working with high performers and helping them find balance in their day-to-day, through work, health and happiness. His ambition is to transform the narrative around professional success and ensure that his clients have plans to achieve elite levels of mental and physical fitness through exercise, nutrition and confidence. 

Nirvu’s first collection of apparel embodies those beliefs, core values and ways of life. 

We create premium products for the high performers that cross the boundaries from work to workout. Products that are versatile and comfortable and defined by their detail that can keep up with the fast and ever-changing pace of life without compromise. Products that transform you from good to great effortlessly. 

We believe that a great piece of clothing has the power to make you feel good along with making you look good. Confidence comes from the inside and should be showcased on the outside. It’s a step in the journey of helping you perform at your very best. 

Live without fear. 

Welcome to Nirvu.